8.06.2012 / Timo Hetzel

XMP Marker App for Adobe Audition

So here’s a little weekend project that’s been cooking in App Store Review for the last couple of weeks:

When recording lengthy podcasts, going through the recording afterwards and setting chapter markers is quite a time consuming process. When creating such markers during the recording in the recording software is not an option, or the hardware recorder doesn’t support writing markers in a compatible way, you can use this app to log timecodes on the iPhone and later, export those markers as an Adobe Audition-compatible XMP file.

You can then, on a Mac or PC, import those markers into Adobe Audition by writing the XMP data to the XMP chunk of the recording’s WAV file. The markers will stick to the recording, even when you edit the audio and re-save the file later.

For details, refer to the XMP Marker for Audition page or tap “Help” in the app’s share view.

XMP Marker for Adobe Audition is on the App Store for USD 9.99.