16.08.2013 / Timo Hetzel

iAds Test Run Ended

Bits und so ReLive

I did a test run of iAds in a video player app on iPad. Paid members to the “Bits und so” podcast could watch an on-demand video stream of the current show. The banner would sit on the bottom edge of the screen, and could be turned off by switching the video player to full screen mode.

Over the last 5 months, there were about 400k impressions on that banner, with ad views coming almost exclusively from Germany. Most of these banners were CPC ads for other apps. Lots of free to play games, some dating and car marketplace ads. Combined revenue: $140. That’s an eCPM of $0.35. (And anecdotally, those ads aren’t doing so great for the advertised apps either.)

This may be in part to the nature of this video player app, as those impressions come from a relatively small number of viewers over long sessions. Each episode is about 2-3 hours long, the banners rotate automatically and clicking an iAd has to pause the player in the background. But still:

Apple started out selling multi-million CPM campaigns to large brands, but failed to continue selling them and/or selling them in Germany. Those CPM ads were supposed to earn an eCPM of a handful of dollars, reportedly up to $15. So those 400k impressions should have made something between $1600 and $5400 in five months, taking into account a fill rate between 50% and 90%, and a CPM between $8 and $15.

So for now, iAds are out of the equation, at least in this case. Today’s update removes the banner.