17.01.2014 / Timo Hetzel

Discover Lightroom – New Video Workshop

We’ve been making and distributing video workshops in German since 2009 at undsoversity.de. It’s time to expand and we’re starting with an all-new English language version of the Lightroom workshop, updated for Lightroom 5.

The workshop turned out really nicely, it’s 6.5 hours long, including a 90 minute A-Z workflow that filters down an entire shoot to a handful of great photos.

Distribution-wise, we’re trying some new things in this version:

  • Single Domain for one topic
  • US-based reseller Fastspring handles billing and (initial) delivery
  • Single .zip file containing the videos and demo files, simplifies downloading and doesn’t require iTunes
  • For iTunes users: Videos are tagged as TV Shows, which will help with syncing and correct playback ordering
  • Single iPad app (pending review) that can be activated with the website purchase
  • Pay what you want – Every price tier gets the same workshop

Head over to discoverlightroom.com to check out the free videos and learn more about the content.